Presicion in High Quality


Quality control applications for performing quality assurance of the products are carried out in 7 steps in our company.


1-      Incoming Quality Control: The quality controls when the row materials come from our suppliers. Following controls being done and being reported.


    - Structural analysis of the product 

    - Hardness controls

    - Coating thickness controls

    - Surface roughness controls

    - Dimensional controls


2-      Serial Production Approval Control:  This is the control stage where all the sizes in technical drawing of the part are being controlled with CMM 3D computerized measuring machine, digital height gage, digital micrometers, calipers and gauges and all the sizes of at least 3 products being verified and reported. Serial production starts after this approval.


3-      Assembly Trial Control: At this stage the parts which pass serial production approval control being assembled with other serial production approved parts to create a product and parts are being controlled in terms of mechanical harmony with each other. 


4-      Serial Production Process Control: This control stage is controlling the sizes of the product during serial production according to specified periods, with specified measuring machine by authorised personnel stated in control plans.

The geometric tolerances like roundness, backlash, perpendicularity, parallelism, planarity, concentricity, etc.. are being measured with the aid of CMM machine.  Surface roughness quality and hardness of the materials after heat treatment are also being controlled.


5-      Tests after CNC Machining:  At this stage the parts pass through leakage tests. These controls are being done in liquid tanks under 4-6 bar pressure. 


6-      Controls at Assembly: At assembly stage the mechanical harmony of parts for working together being controlled during and after assembly. These harmonies are running clearance, gasket surface contacts and geometrical harmony of the parts. Moreover all the bolts being controlled with torque meters to check if it tightened according to technical standard’s torque value.   


7-      Tests and Controls after Assembly:  All our products are tested with our computerized test machines by simulating the working conditions of vehicles. All the technical specifications of our products are being controlled and get recorded if required.